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Current Reads On FP: Dopamine, Ice Cream And Sitting Disease

It’s Thursday today, the day before Fri-yay! We don’t know what you have for plans this weekend but hopefully at some point you’ll find yourself cuddled up somewhere with a warm cozy drink and quite moment, in which case we can suggest the following reads from this week on FP.

Could you be a dopamine junkie? Dopamine has many important roles in both our brain and body – it makes us feel good, helps us focus and drives our interest in things. In other words – dopamine is a good thing! But, is there such a thing as too much of a good thing when it comes to dopamine? April writes about here.

Bringing back sloppy joe’s Nutrient Hunter style!

We can’t even look at this picture without our tastebuds starting to tingle. Every week we have a nutrient hunter lunch in the office and these sloppy joes were the result of our latest feast. We still don’t even understand how our colleagues could make these so impossibly good but we have the recipe here so could see for yourself!

Another noteworthy recipe from the week is theLime-Mint Ice Cream. We actually received this recipe from you, our readers on insta (follow us here). And who would have known that frozen green peas, banana, mint and lime could make the taste buds this delighted? Well, you guys apparently did, thanks!

And last but not least was a new article by Dr Paul Clayton that pertains to the majority of us. Sitting Disease. He covers how many hours a day the average person is sedentary and why it is harmful to our bodies. He also prescribes what you can do to be less sedentary, hint: it’s not complicated, we do it everyday, it’s just that we should do more of it.

Until next week! Cheers!




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