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New edition of Swedish Perimenopower this spring!

This autumn has been a really good one regarding my writing life as the Swedish Publishing house People & Stories decided to release my book but in a new edition.

It was released 2018 in Swedish and I have continued with my research as I really want to understand what is going on in perimenopause. Some of the new material will be about how estrogen affects the brain. I have written a lot about the Perimenobrain in my earlier post. We still believe that perimenopause mostly affects our ovaries but in fact the organ that is affected the most is the brain. 

We know today that women commit suicide because of oestrogen decrease. We know that schizophrenia might start in perimenopause. We also know that a lot of women 40 plus are burnt out. But what if they are not burnout – just perimenopausal? 

We also that women are very vulnerable during periods in their life when the hormones run amok. As in puberty, pregnancy, postpregnancy and perimenopause. 

So shouldn´t we talk more about this? I will in the new edition of the Swedish Perimenopower. I really hope it will reach the Swedish audience and hopefully this one will be translated too. This new edition is a result of 11 years research in this topic as it all started when I was 42. Maybe this ”new” book can help you even further. This has always been my mission. To make women understand how hormones affect the body and the soul.

Because knowledge is power. Don´t you ever forget that. 

This is a guest post. Any opinions expressed are the writer’s own.


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