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Current Reads On FP: Sugar, Mental Illness And Breast Cancer

Hello Thursday! This week we’ve been learning about life with breast cancer, eating panini with pesto and avocado, and crispy pumpkin patties with chili and thyme. Here are the current reads from this week on FP.

Panini with pesto and avocado

Last Friday we had an incredible craving for grilled sandwiches. We do not own a sandwich iron, but it turns out that a waffle iron works just as well. And if you do not have a sandwich or waffle iron, the oven works too. You can find the recipe here.

Will I Die From This, As My Mother Did?

Our new guest editor, Camilla Ahlqvist, was 27 years old when she was informed that she had the same disease that took her mother away: breast cancer. Read her first post here and learn more about her journey back after she was diagnosed.

Crispy pumpkin patties with chili and thyme

This week, our guest writers Dietician’s Choice offered a recipe for pumpkin patties. According to their own statement, these patties are among the best they have tried (and then they have tried a lot). In addition to being super easy to make, they are crispy, suitable on hamburger buns, in a wrap, or on a hearty salad with oven-roasted root vegetables. You can find the recipe here.




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