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11. Graeme Jones, Clinical physiologist - Longevity

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In this episode we meet with Graeme Jones, a Clinical Physiologist with over 15 years of experience within preventative and functional medicine to talk about something many of us are searching for; longevity. What can we learn from studying centenarians and is the western lifestyle accelerating our aging? Luckily we learn it is possible to reverse our biological age by changing our lifestyle. We also cover the benefits of having a time restricted eating window or the practice of intermittent fasting. And how it is that the control of our blood glucose level is a key component to us better managing our health. Graeme Jones is actively involved with a wide variety of patient cases from ME to IBS, and uses advanced clinical testing, from genetics to metabolomics, to help drive effective treatment strategies. He currently collaborates with Sweden’s prestigious Karolinska Institute on research related to chronic IBS treatment. He is the CEO and clinical director at Nordic Clinic Stockholm, a multidisciplinary clinic researching how a personalised medicine approach can prevent, treat and attempt to reverse chronic diseases. Graeme Jones is passionate in wanting to help and empower patients to live a long and healthy life. Hide

10. Professor Satchin Panda -  the importance of when we eat

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In this episode we meet with Dr Satchin Panda, Professor at the prestigious Salk Institute for Biological Science in San Diego. Professor Panda is a world leading expert on circadian rhythm and his work shows that when we eat, sleep, exercise and work is more crucial to our well-being than previous research indicated. In this episode he explains the science behind why it matters when we eat, and translates the science in an excellent way, into how we can make relatively small lifestyle changes that can have a large impact on our health. According to latest research, when we eat can decrease our risks of becoming overweight, and suffering from cancer, heart diseases, autoimmune diseases, depression, and dementia. Furthermore it can empower our brain functions. Professor Panda is very well respected and has influenced experts in different fields - everyone from biologists, exercise physiologists, mathematicians, psychologists, sleep researchers, nutritionists, endocrinologists, geneticists and oncologists. Hide

9. Dr Carrie Jones - it's all about your hormones

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In this episode we meet with Dr Carrie Jones, an integrative functional medicine doctor, to learn about hormones and how they affect our mental and physical well-being. Did you know that just as you should have a regular check-up on your blood sugar, cholesterol level, and blood pressure, you also have a lot to gain by checking up regularly on your hormones? And we are not only talking testosterone and estrogene. In fact we have more than 60 hormones in our body, and in this episode we learn that our hormones are besties that talk to each other every day. Dr Carrie Jones is, as she writes herself,  “a modern doctor with a holistic bent who can appreciate the best of both worlds”. She has been the medical director of two big clinics in Portland, Oregon and lectures all over the world on the topic of hormones. Currently she is the Medical Director for Precision Analytical, which is the creator of the most cutting edge hormone test on the market, the DUTCH Test. Hide

8. Michael Breus PhD, aka the Sleep Doctor - the quality of your sleep affects almost everything in your life

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In todays episode we meet with Michael Breus, also known as the Sleep Doctor and one of the 10 most influential people in sleep. He is a best selling author who works with some of the world’s greatest athletes, CEOs, and companies. He frequently appears on TV and has been a guest on CNN, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and the Doctors Oz Show (to mention just a few) and is passionate in wanting to help people optimise their sleep. We cover a wide range of questions on how we can optimise our sleep. At the end of this episode we also talk specifically about children and sleep. Visit us at for daily inspiration, delicious recipes and latest facts on food and health! Hide

7. Khosro Nikpay PhD - feed the pet in your gut

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In this episode we meet with Khosro Nikpay who was awarded his PhD in bio-organic chemistry from Harvard where he studied how our cells repair damage to the DNA. Did you know that 70- 80 percent of our immune system is located in the gut? In this interview you will understand why we should always make sure to feed the pets in our gut - our good bacteria. We talk about fibre - superfood that makes our good bacteria thrive. And did you know that there is no drug on earth that has the ability to promote our overall health in the way a fiber rich diet can? Visit us at for daily inspiration, delicious recipes and latest facts on food and health! Hide

6. Dr Rangan Chatterjee - empower yourself, feel better and live more

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In this episode we meet with one of Britain’s most well known physicians - Dr Rangan Chatterjee. Dr Chatterjee is also a best selling author of great books like “Feel Better in 5” and “The 4 Pillar Plan”, a television presenter best known for being the resident doctor on BBC One's show “Radio 1 Breakfast”, and for his TV show “Doctor In The House”. His mission is to help 100 million people feel fantastic by restoring them to optimal health, taking a 360° approach to health by focussing on the four pillars of health: Food, Movement, Sleep and Relaxation. This is a doctor who empowers people to be the architects of their own health. Hide

5. Dr Miguel Damas - autoimmunity, Vitamin D and the Coimbra protocol

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In this episode we meet with Dr Miguel Damas, one of the few second generation functional medicine practitioners in the world, to talk about autoimmunity, how we can optimize our health and prevent lifestyle related diseases. But also about how he has helped many patients by treating them according to the Coimbra Protocol. And last but not least Dr Damas gives us five keys to start strengthening our immune system already today! Hide

4. Johanna Gillbro, PhD - healthy skin, skin products and vitiligo

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In this episode we meet with Johanna Gillbro, PhD, who is an award-winning skin scientist and is the most cited author in The International Journal of Cosmetic Science over the past 10 years. She is frequently invited as a speaker at international dermatological and cosmetic science conferences to present her cutting-edge research. Needless to say, she is an expert on the skin and how best to take care of it. Hide

3. Professor Robert Thomas - healthy lifestyle, cancer and turmeric

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In this episode we meet Professor Robert Thomas, a cancer specialist with 30 years experience in patient care and with a strong research interest on how lifestyle interacts with the cancer process. He has been named Doctor of the year and Oncologist of the year in England and leads a government research department in England that studies the importance of lifestyle in cancer care. Hide

2. Dr Rebeca Eriksen - preventive health care, metabolic syndrom and IBS

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In this episode we meet Dr. Rebeca Eriksen who is a British trained dietitian with over ten years of clinical experience. Currently she is involved in scientific research at Imperial College London whilst also running her private clinics in London, Marbella as well as working in a tie-up with Executive Health Clinic in Stockholm. Hide

1. Dr Michael Mosley - obesity, intermittent fasting and full fat products

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In this episode we meet with Dr Michael Mosley, the well known British science journalist, TV presenter, best selling author and the man behind the 5:2-diet. Dr Mosley is furthermore a human guinea pig who has presented at highly recognized medical and science shows. Hide

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