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Three Christmas drink recipes without alcohol and sugar

Today we focus on mulled apple cider, cranberry mocktail and mulled blackcurrant drink with no alcohol or added sugar. We simply walk away from Christmas stress, and make ourselves a well-deserved thirst quencher.

Mulled Apple Cider With Cinnamon And Fresh Ginger

It’s mid-December and what better way to get cozy is there than with a cup of spiced apple cider? If you prefer a sweeter cider than maple syrup or date syrup are perfectly unrefined options to use, we didn’t put any in the recipe though because we thought it turned out great even without, although that may have been the splash of whisky we snuck in talking.

Recipe here.

Cranberry Kombucha Holiday Mocktail

With this christmas mocktail you’ll be able to unwind for a moment and enjoy a glass of cheer while still being able to take a safe trip to the store and get that tape you (and Santa) so direly need.  Even if you already went Grinch mode on your beloved ones, making a few extra glasses of this and passing them out should help to lift the holiday spirits again!

Recipe here.

Mulled Blackcurrant Drink With Cloves, Cinnamon And Ginger

While we are disappointed over all the years we haven’t had this recipe before, we rejoice twice as much that we stumbled upon it and can share with you how delicious black current is as mulled wine, especially when combined with kombucha. Cheers for that it turned out. An absolutely perfect recipe for a Christmas drink!

Recipe here.



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