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Cranberry Kombucha Holiday Mocktail

‘Twas the night before Christmas, only unlike the story goes, all was not peaceful and well. Instead of cheer you find yourself scissor less and holding an empty roll of tape. The Christmas tree is leaning and the cut out cookies are a bit burnt, you realize you have two choices…

1) Breakdown and go all Grinch on everyone 


2) Shake it off and settle down in your favorite armchair with a Christmas drink.

Luckily we got you! With this christmas mocktail you’ll be able to unwind for a moment and enjoy a glass of cheer while still being able to take a safe trip to the store and get that tape you (and Santa) so direly need.  Even if you already went Grinch mode on your beloved ones, making a few extra glasses of this and passing them out should help to lift the holiday spirits again!

Cranberry Kombucha Holiday Mocktail 
(servings: 1 drink)

1 cup kombucha
⅓  cup cranberry juice (100% and unsweetened)
1 tbsp honey
slice of fresh ginger

grated coconut (to dip the glass rim in)
frozen cranberries
rosemary sprig

Dip the rim of the glasses in a little water and then in a bowl of grated coconut. Mix the honey, cranberry juice and ginger and adjust for preferred sweetness.  Pour it into a drink glass and top with kombucha. Garnish with a few frozen cranberries and a rosemary sprig.




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