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Acceptance, “Mulled Wine” And Fast Food – Current Reads On FP

Christmas is fast approaching and this week we had the pleasure of being able to make blackcurrant “mulled wine” and some saffron fudge here at FP HQ. Paul Clayton is back and bring up some interesting points about fast food. Plus, we have released a brand new podcast in English! Find out more details about these hot stories from the week below!

The Importance Of Acceptance

Helena Önneby has deeply explored the concept and meaning of acceptance throughout this last year. And her conclusion, from all the perspectives she examined, is the same as before, acceptance is the way forward. The closer she is to acceptance, the better she feels and the better her life is. Read more here.


Black Current Mulled Wine

We love the warmth of spiciness of a cup of mulled wine but when we got to thinking about it we started wondering if there was a way to make a homemade alcohol-free version. As it turns out, black currents are the perfect thing to get the deep fullness you typically get from the wine and now we can drink this cheery Christmas drink with our family to our hearts content. Get this cozy holiday drink recipe here.

The Food Pharmacy Show

Tell all your English-speaking friends that we are releasing our English sister to the Food Pharmacy podcast, called The Food Pharmacy Show! The first episode is an interview with 5: 2’s founding father, Michael Mosley, and you do NOT want to miss this.

Paul Clayton: Unsafe At Any Speed

Paul has published a new article here on FP about how and why fast food, a.k.a ultra-processed junk food, negatively impacts us. He also provides some insights as to how you can negate some of the effects of a junk food meal and covers the benefits of removing junk foods from your diet. Read more details here.


Ice Chocolate

This week we had a big Christmas bake off at home (an attempt to create a little traditional Christmas atmosphere) and among the things we made, one of them was ice chocolate. Making your own ice chocolate is both easy and healthier compared to the one you buy in the store, not to mention that the Christmas atmosphere kicked off the second we started making them. Here you will find the recipe.

Free membership + win a private session with EQ Gymmet

You do not want to miss this! Right now, everyone who goes in and follows the EQ Gym on insta (start following here) gets a free try-out month (5 free meditation sessions a week)! And, in addition, you automatically enter into a raffle of a free session (1 h) with Vanessa Paige. It doesn’t get better than that? Enter and follow here now.

Have a lovely rest of your week, hopefully you will find new ways to enjoy holiday cheer!




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