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Current Reads On FP: Stress, Pumpkin Pilaf And Leaky Gut

Finally Thursday! The importance of recovery after stress, a pilaf with quinoa and pumpkin seeds and leaky gut side-effects. Here are this week’s top new articles on FP!

Focus more on recovery than on stress

This year has meant a change for many people, with less commuting and socializing. But that does not necessarily mean that stress has decreased. Stress is more often created in our internal world than in the external one. This week, guest writer Helena Önneby gave us some tips on how to recover in small doses throughout your everyday. Read her article here.

pumpkin pilaf quinoa

Quinoa and pumpkin seed pilaf

A classic pilaf is a rice dish that is made using broth, butter and almonds but here chef Cassandra gives it an upgrade. This dish will easily become your favorite side dish this season because not only is it way more flavorful than plain quinoa, it also only takes 15 minutes to make. You can find the recipe here.

How A Leaky Gut Damages Our Liver

Did you know that gut damage can affect liver health? As Graeme Jones discusses in his latest article: When the gut lining becomes excessively leaky or hyper-permeable, bacteria and bacterial metabolites cross into the bloodstream. It turns out that is not good for our health in many ways, including the liver.  Read here to learn more about leaky gut side-effects and which lifestyle measures help protect your liver.

Those were our tops reads for this week but make sure to check out tomorrow’s article from The EQ Gym about handling self-contempt and excising your self-care muscle. Have a lovely weekend!




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