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Current Reads On FP: Gingerbread Balls, New Guest Writers And An Article That Made Us Cry

It’s a Thursday and soon the end of November, after you’re finished digging out your Advent candlesticks, we thought you could catch up on this week’s must reads. We’ve introduced you to all of our new guest writers, and we are offering up this year’s tastiest holiday candies. One of the articles even made us cry this week. Find that one and all the other top reads from the week below!

The art of changing a person

Last Friday we published a new article from Helena Önneby. Helena’s articles always touch us deeply, but this was the first time we started crying. The text hit us right in the heart. The whole autumn has been fraught with family and friends who are having a hard time, but despite the fact that we stood by ready to support, we haven’t always been able to contribute as much as we would have liked. Because, just as Helena writes, you can not force anyone to change. The only thing you can do is be there. Unpretentious. Loving. And trust their own ability to find their own way.

So thank you Helena for your text, the timing could not have been better. And for those of you who missed it, here it is.

By the way, how do you know if you are depressed?

Speaking of tears – how often do you cry? We ourselves have never found it hard to draw a tear, but the difference in recent years is that we have gone from crying to when Lion Aslan dies in the Land of Narnia or in empathy when others are sad, to crying for ourselves and alone.

That’s why it was so nice to read April’s latest article (you can find it here) that tears are detox for the soul and to be reminded that tears show that you have compassion for yourself. Unfortunately, many of us associate crying with weakness and this has made us often feel guilty for crying. Which in turn can cause us to have stagnated unresolved grief within us that weighs down and in the long run makes it difficult for us to feel joy and zest for life…

If you feel that you need to train your emotional muscles, April’s EQ Gym has a workshop now on Sunday with a meditative exercise (completely free). Book your place here!

Five new guest writers!

We are growing so fast and in recent months our hunting team has been expanded with as many as nine different chefs, dietitians and other experts in nutrition. In this post, we present five of them. Which? Yes, you get the answer here.

2020: a crazy year, but…

Few people could predict everything that 2020 has contained so far, where we have in many ways been collectively subjected to trials that probably few of us have encountered before. But even if it is easy to dwell on the negative, Erik Hemmingsson in his latest article wants to highlight how we can choose to look at crises in a positive way, for example as a source of development and restart. Read here.

första advent kolabollar pepparkaka

First Advent this Sunday. And the winner is…

mid-week, we shared four perfect recipes for Advent and let you vote on which one will be published tomorrow. All the recipes received a lot of votes, but it was one of them that stood out a little extra. Namely our completely magical caramel balls with gingerbread flavor! So welcome back to FP tomorrow, because then we share this unbeatably good recipe.

And with that, we put a wrap on this week and wish you a continued great week!




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