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Current Reads On FP: Type II Diabetes, Chocolate Bliss Balls and Rage

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, that’s right it is once again Thursday, if you haven’t had time to keep up with all of the latest reads here on FP this week, we’ve rounded up the best ones for you here! You’ll find a chocolate bliss ball recipe, why we actually feel annoyed and a very interesting interview about type 2 diabetes. Read on to catch the links!

Chocolate bliss balls with extra fiber

Stop the press – we’ve updated one of our most appreciated recipes of all time: our chocolate balls. By adding some of our Nutrient Hunter fiber blend. By adding a scoop in to the balls you turn the chocolate balls into small fiber balls, without it even being noticeable! Currently our Nutrient Hunter products are only available in our Swedish shop but we are hoping to make them available internationally soon! In the meantime though, you can read The Nutrient Hunter which is finally published in English!!! Here is a link to to order it on amazon UK and while you’re there you can check out our Cookbook too which also just released in English on amazon.

Just wanted to throw this in quick and say, it is certainly not our intention to try to sell you a lot of things, but since these are products that we use several times a day ourselves and we wouldn’t have created them if we didn’t think they were beneficial, it would have felt even stranger not to mention them. We try to find the balance between bringing you valuable content and providing you with tools to apply the knowledge you’ve gained, but definitely give us a shout if you think we do too much advertising!

The Nutrient Hunter & Cookbook Finally In English!!!! Available on Amazon UK

Why you actually feel so annoyed?

Most of us recognize the feeling. The irritation. The rage. The frustration. But what many do not know is that irritation and anger are an alarm for fear – every time we are angry we are actually scared. And it is only when we have put the puzzle together that we can manage our anger in healthy way.

Read April’s latest article here on how we can manage and channel anger in a healthy way. And read more about her absolutely fantastic EQ Program (now open for registration) here.

Type 2 diabetes is the major public disease of our time

Last Saturday was World Diabetes Day, so last week we spent quite a lot of time paying attention to this major endemic of our time. About 500,000 Swedes have diabetes, of which type 2 diabetes makes up 90%. Every tenth Swede is estimated to have prediabetes, a precursor to diabetes. Diabetes also increases the risk of other serious diseases, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, depression and autoimmune diseases.

On the topic of type 2 diabetes, we took the opportunity to interview one of our favorite experts in the subject: Annie Pettersson, molecular biologist and researcher. Among other things, Annie says that she thinks that type 2 diabetes can in many ways be seen as an unnecessary disease. Unnecessary in that it has unnecessarily tragic effects at the individual and societal level, but is seldom inevitable or impossible to get rid of. Type 2 diabetes is considered to be mainly caused by our modern lifestyle and environment, although there is some genetic susceptibility. In cases where the disease “runs in the family”, it is often a matter of having inherited dietary and lifestyle habits and being exposed to the same environmental factors, rather than genetic causes. This is good news for everyone affected; we do not control genetics, but we can control lifestyle, diet and environmental factors. Read the full interview here.

There you have all of our favorite articles from this last week, have a lovely rest of your week!




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