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Healthy warming chocolate

Here comes our tastiest hot chocolate. Make a thermos and take it out into nature or invite someone you like or at least cuddle yourself with a cup on the sofa.

Natural sweetness from dates that are mixed down, a little extra hot from chili and natural caffeine from cocoa gives extra warmth and maybe energy.


Healthy warming chocolat

  • By : Dietitian’s Choice c/o Food Pharmacy
  • Servings : 2 1x


4 dates

45 dl oat mylk

1 1/2  tbsp cocoa

Cinnamon, cardamom



Mix dates with oat mylk until completely smooth. Pour into a saucepan and whisk together with cocoa and a little cinnamon and cardamom (possibly a pinch of chili) while heating. Top with a dollop of whipped cream or coconut cream if you like!



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