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The Best Mental Health Advice I’ve Ever Heard

My name is JOY! And I’m a muscle – gratitude is how you make me strong 

When information enters or is generated in our brain, it is always neutral. Our subconscious then tries to categorise the information based on our previous experience or from the memory bank of our beliefs, decides whether the information is good or bad for us and how we should respond to the information. That is, through joy, anger, shame, surprise, sadness, fear, or curiosity. By practicing self-reflection and changing perspectives on our memories, we can create new memory images and a new autopilot. Gratitude is an exercise as much as a feeling and joy cannot exist without gratitude! Joy and Gratitude together can create a new framework for our experience.

Behavior linked to joy

  • Acceptance
  • Gratitude
  • Forgiving

Fantasy, imagination and visualization  – We need you now!

Imagine that the mission of your life is to evolve, develop and have fun. Think of the 80’s TV game Super Mario Bros. Mario dies and he gets a new life. He dies again and gets another try. After X number of attempts, he has passed the first level of the game. You, WHO are in control have learned all the little gems, got extra lives, and how to jump over black holes and which tunnels you have to go into to get to another world. You may even have passed all the different rooms and are now at the last level. You, your SOUL is in the control box. Mario is your physical body. Let’s for a second pretend this could be true. 

There are researchers around the world who would call this game; from unconscious to conscious. We think that unconsciousness is the first level of the game and consciousness is the last. Play with the fact that we – You and I have just passed level 1; We can call this level the shadow (it took maybe 100-500 lives to get past this level. We have now upgraded to level 2; and the price for this course, is joy. However, you have to cope with the “boss” and lots of tricky unexpected fears first.

You will understand after x number of lives that the way you win this level is gratitude.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, while imagination encompasses the whole world, stimulates progress and breeds evolution.
Albert Einstein

Einstein often used so-called thought experiments to derive his theoretical results. We believe in him and cling to his attitude.

Imagine for fun that you are not Albert but instead Harry Potter. We will now charge your magic wand with high frequencies such as gratitude, joy and acceptance. We will show you how. With the help of Albert, Harry and your own imagination.

Get in touch with your joy Exercises:

Gratitude is a verb more than emotion. That means it’s something you practice. That is, an active choice. When you practice gratitude, your energy is strengthened by joy.

Acceptance, gratitude and forgiveness become our three magic keys to overcoming this level of play.

What or who, do you need to forgive?
What can you accept right now?
What or who, can you be grateful for?

Think of 3 well-known people that you admire and who feel more or less genuinely happy for you. What do these three people  have in common? If you successfully study happy people, can you see that these are good at gratitude? Do you think that joy comes first and then gratitude? It could not be more wrong. The feeling always comes after the thought. Gratitude is tough and a perspective.  Gratitude is like the grease that makes the machine work better. Gratitude changes the frequency of giving and receiving into the miraculous because it multiplies everything a hundred fold. It primes the Universe into giving more and more to you. It creates and establishes flow. 

We understand that gratitude is not always easy. It is complex as there may be more hidden benefits to being a victim than being grateful to us. We may have learned that we receive more attention when there is pity for us than when we are happy. We therefore need to train ourselves to change perspectives. The most effective way, is to change our programmed perspective from our childhood. Become a member at the EQ GYM to understand how or sign up for a private session with Vanessa, Shiran or April here.

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This is a guest post. Any opinions expressed are the writer’s own.



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