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Vietnamese rice paper omelette



1 teaspoon sesame oil

1 rice paper

1 large egg

40 g broccoli

1 dl soybeans

1/2 dl peeled shrimps

A handful of arugula


1 green onion

1 teaspoon sesame seeds

1/2 lime


  1. Pour sesame oil in a frying pan and add a rice paper.
  2. Crack an egg and stir the egg gently on top of the rice paper. Fry on low heat until the egg has become creamy.
  3. Divide broccoli into smaller pieces and fry together with soybeans in another pan with a little sesame oil.
  4. Turn the omelette upside down on a plate and top with broccoli, soybeans, shrimp and arugula.
  5. Shred green onions and sprinkle.
  6. Drizzle on sriracha and top with sesame seeds.
  7. Serve with lime.