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Chanterelle pesto in endive leaves



1 endive

1 cup roughly chopped chanterelles

4 crushed garlic cloves

1/2 cup toasted pine nuts (walnuts work nice here too)

1/4 cup olive oil + little extra for frying

23 tbsp nutritional yeast

salt & pepper

Handful of fresh parsley


Toss the mushrooms and garlic in a fry pan with a little bit of oil. Fry on medium heat until they start to golden slightly.

Combine the mushrooms, pine nuts, yeast and oil into a food processor and pulse several times. Season with salt and pepper, add some parsley and adjust the oil if the consistency is too thick. Pulse a few more times.

Serve a dollop of chanterelle pesto on in an endive leaf as a cozy fall starter or indulgent lunch/brunch!