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Homemade almond butter – quick and easy

When you talk about Swedish November as a cold, depressing and gray month, you forget all the scents. In fact, November smells at least as good as December.

The November nostrils meets lots of goodies that we’ve missed for a long time: the scent of burning wood, spicy slow cooker and bubble bath. And, most recently: roasted almonds and homemade quick and easy almond butter.

This week we discovered a whole corner in the pantry that was full of natural almonds, and immediately we decided to make a large batch of homemade almond butter. First we roasted the almonds for 10 minutes, and then we mixed them with a little salt.

It’s that simple! And incredibly good.


Homemade almond butter – quick and easy

  • By : Food Pharmacy


300 g almonds

a pinch of salt


Roast the almonds at 175 degrees C for 10 minutes. Mix together with a pinch of salt until smooth. Pour into a jar.



Science for you! Feel free to lower the temperature of the oven. Just remember that the almonds have to stay in the oven a little longer than 10 minutes then.



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