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Climate-friendly guacamole without avocado

Really, a climate-friendly guacamole without avocado? This recipe with chives, nuts and baby spinach is just as creamy as the original. And a little bit more climate smart!

We love guacamole, but we don’t want to overdose them. Avocados usually require a lot of water and pesticides when they are grown, so when we ran over this recipe we could not help but try it…

In our third book The Nutrient Hunter (advertising link) we present a locally grown ramen, poké bowl and palak panéer, and now it’s time for the guacamole to get a FP make over. The original recipe is from @earthyandy but we have made some changes. As you probably know by now, we are not masters of exact proportions…

If you want to see a small film where we make our climate-smart guacamole without avocado, you will find one here.


Guacamole without avocado

  • By : Food Pharmacy
  • Servings : 1 bowl 1x


1 dl chopped cucumber

1 dl chopped cabbage

1/2 dl chopped chives

34 tablespoons nutrional yeast

1 bag of baby spinach

1 dl of nuts (we used walnuts

1 shallot

2 garlic cloves

1/21 lemon, juice

1/2 dl olive oil

1 tsp apple cider vinegar

1 dl coriander


Salt & pepper


Mix the cucumber, cabbage and chives in a bowl. Mix the rest of the ingredients into a smooth and creamy mixture. Add it to the cucumber / cabbage /chives. That’s it!

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