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Katarina Wilk

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All quiet on the menopause front

It’s been a while since I posted something but as we all have been through some rough times with the pandemic I had this feeling that no one would care about hormones when we all could die from a dangerous virus.

But we do see the light in the tunnel and I think it´s time to speak up again. I am still a bit upset that nothing happens in my home country Sweden. In the UK the discussion is widespread and last week a proposition in the parliament discussed a new law that would make HRT free on prescription for women which is totally amazing. My book was recently released in France and I was interviewed in one of France biggest health magazines Top Santé. And last week I joined an Instagram-live with a health coach in Perth,  Australia. So you could say that things are going forward around the world. 

But not in Sweden. or to be fair, yes we are going forward but so slowly. The National Board of Health and Welfare got a request from our government to investigate how we could change the menopause health care. Which in a way is fantastic news but the conclusion was that there was a lack of knowledge in the medical world and also among women. And this is not a scoop in any way. I and other menopause-activists have been trying to change things now for three years and still no one is listening to us. 

What scares me the most is that the Board decided to interview women between 50-59 years old. In other words – they claim that women 40 plus with symtoms don´t exist. 

I am sure the results would have been the same – that there is a lack of knowledge but actually I think it could have been much higher figures if we just asked those women. Because what I have been trying to say these last years is that the most turbulent phase is BEFORE menopause. Perimenopause is the moment in womens midlife when they mostly seek help in medical care. And of course these women are told they are burnt out or depressed and put on antidepressants while actually the main reason for their symtoms might instead be a hormonal attack. I wrote a debate about this in Swedens biggest newspaper but still I don´t get through.

Sometimes I feel that I want to give up my mission here in Sweden. That nothing will ever change here and that my unpaid work doesn´t lead anywhere. But then I get a message from a French women that says that I’ve saved her life. And that makes me continue. If I can save a French womans life, I am sure I could make Swedish womens lives so much better if it wasn´t for the big taboo here. 




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