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Four vegetarian autumn stews that we love

It’s September, the denim shorts are pushed further and further into the wardrobe and the big knitted sweater and the longing for a little more rustic and warming food is coming forward.

We have collected four savory recipes on the blog that we plan to eat this autumn. Simple, fast and satisfying! With or without the thick sweater on.

Nourishing and tasty beluga stew

This pot is created by our dear guest chef Madelene at Clean Liftstyle and is, according to herself, one of the tastiest pots she has ever made. Lucky for the rest of us who get the opportunity to cook it on repeat this fall! Find the recipe here.

A mango stew to be grateful for

This is one of our favorite stews. Or, rather, the family’s favorite stew. This stew is made with mango, cashews and tofu, among other things, and so far we have not come across anyone who did not want the recipe after they tasted it. Recipe? Here.

The Nutrient Hunter’s Chili

No real autumn without a spicy chili, or what do you say? This is a cozy and and filling stew, perfect for nutrient hunters! A good combo of pre-cooked legumes, quinoa and grated carrots that are added right at the end to keep as much nutrition as possible. Find the recipe in our cookbook (now available in English).

Lentil stew with green curry

The thing about being useful = boring. This does not apply to this stew. Or rather – we who hang out here often know how good and enjoyable healthy and nutritious food can be. But if you run into a real skeptic who claims the opposite, we think you should serve him or her this green curry stew.



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