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Limonade with lime and mint

No, we didn’t spell it wrong. This is not a recipe for lemonade but for limonade, ie with lime instead of lemons. Incredibly good, thirst-quenching and cooling!

Summer is not over yet! Even though the temperature has dropped a few degrees in the last week and there’s more space between the sailboats on the sea, the dahlias are blooming on the terrace and the sun is warming us up really well. So feel free to mix together this thirst-quenching mega-hit anyday!

Many other recipes for limonade are made on refined sugar, but here you have our own variant with cucumber, lime and a small amount of honey. So fresh and refreshing! Of course, the fact that the cucumber in the picture was picked from our own greenhouse certainly improves the experience, but absolutely anything will work.


Limonade with lime and mint

  • By : Food Pharmacy
  • Servings : 1 jar


4 limes
2 tablespoons honey
1 dl mint leaf
1/2 cucumber
1 1/2 liters of water


Squeeze the lime and stir with the honey (honey can be dissolved in 1 dl of warm water before). Stir in the mint leaves and water. Let it soak for a couple of hours.
Before serving: Slice the cucumber lengthwise with a cheese grater and blend together with the ice.



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