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Vanilla sauce that goes with most things

When we shared our recipe for rhubarb cake with you last week, we had a sudden longing for vanilla sauce. And since we did not have a good recipe up our sleeve, we went into the kitchen and made one.

Honestly, we do not know what we were thinking when we posted the recipe for our rhubarb cake? Of course you should have vanilla sauce for rhubarb cake! And apple pie. And summer almond plum cake. Said and done – here is a recipe for vanilla sauce.

At first we did it on dates only, but it was only when we added a few drops of honey that we ourselves thought it all started to sing. Try it out, maybe you are happy with just dates? Maybe you want an extra date instead of honey? Maybe you want anchovies in the sauce? (or not)

No matter what you prefer, we dare to promise that it will be good.



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