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The Tale Of A Nutrient Hunter

Sometimes you have to remind yourself to stop and reflect. Today was one of those days for us. The past year passed so fast that we have barely had time to blink, but with a few days of Easter break, we now for the first time in many months, have time to summarize the journey with our supplements.

Those of you who follow us regularly know that about 1.5 years ago we began our journey towards making own supplements. After the years with Super Synbiotics, we felt a big push to see if we could succeed on that path once again, only this time on our own. We have always been passionate about female entrepreneurship and started with the idea of ​​standing on our own two feet.

Since our personal health journey began in the gut, it was natural that our first two supplements would be for gut health. In addition, we had extensive experience with probiotics and fibers after our experience with Super Synbiotics and good contacts at Karolinska, so we chose to develop a probiotic with solid research and well-documented bacteria as well as a fiber blend with our five favorite fibers.

We actually had other plans for step two, but during the summer Mia was told that she had a hormone imbalance (estrogen dominant) and the opportunity to try a supplement with sprouted broccoli arose. She could not believe her eyes when she got the test results after eating it for two months – her hormones were in balance! So when we had the opportunity to start selling Broccolox, we of course took that chance.

Then came the second wave with Covid and it felt more important than ever to help people support their immune systems. This is how the idea of ​​our next product was born, which will arrive just in time for the summer. The anticipated name is Immune and it is the high-quality multi-supplement/multivitamin that we have been searching for. But since we’ve been threw this a few times we know that the name isn’t the name until it’s printed on the label, so stay tuned.

It would be a lie to say that it was an easy journey. Just in connection with the launch, Covid struck and the whole world was turned upside down. But now, a year later, we can state that we are SUPER PROUD that we have managed phase one and perhaps even more so that we received such an incredibly good response from you, our fellow Nutrient Hunters. Thank you, to all of you who have written to us! Here are two great examples:

“I am a Nutrient Hunter who is curious but skeptical of new products… until I read more about yours and tested it myself. We have been using the products for almost a week… WOW what interesting products. We mix the fiber powder in our vegan yoghurt. Everyone in the family feels less hunger, more stable blood sugar wise and good in the gut. ”

“I was having diarrhea for weeks and weeks. Then I started taking your probiotics every night, in the middle of the night when I wake up, and now in the morning, well, I have a healthy poo. ”

With these last lines here from us, we simply want to thank all of you who bought, supported and believed in us. And actually pat ourselves a little on the back, because all that effort finally begins to bear some fruit. We dream of continuing to broaden our business, the sky is, as well known, the limit and that is what we are aiming for. Feeling grateful for the feeling right now that maybe, just maybe, we may actually be able to help improve public health, on several different levels.

To be continued…



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