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A Happy Email From Eva And Her Lactobacilli

In collaboration with Nutrient Hunter

We love when our followers write to us and tell us how our supplements have helped them. Most recently, Eva wrote to us and shared her intestinal flora test results. We were so curious that we felt we had to call her and ask a few more questions.

Hello Eva! You are a reseller of our products and as we’ve understood, you have had a very good experience with our probiotics. Tell us more!

I did a test with Gut Feeling Labs a few months ago and discovered that I barely had any lactobacteria at all in my intestinal flora. And as far as I understand, it is very health-promoting to have lactobacteria, so of course it was tempting to try to improve my count.

How low were your numbers?

My values ​​were not even measurable in the first test. In the second test you could see a very small increase to 0.01753% after I had taken a different brands probiotic for a few months.

And then you started taking The Nutrient Hunter Probiotics?

Yes, that was when I started eating Nutrient Hunter. And after three months with your probiotics, the next test showed a full 6.83% lactobacilli. Incredible! Especially considering how difficult it is said to be to get the level of lactobacilli in the intestine to raise.

So nice to hear Eva, we are so happy for you. Out of sheer curiosity though; do you use any of our other products?

Of course, I also take Broccolox!



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