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How To Make Perfect Hash Browns And Latkes

We love hash browns. But as happy as they make us, it’s often not enough to convince us to make them. Mostly because there is a high risk of them not turning out. Either that they don’t stick together at all or they’re too soggy, or worst…burnt. Here are our top tips for making perfect hash browns and potato latkes every time!

Before we get started, we are just a little curious about what you prefer to eat with your hash browns and latkes? In Sweden a classic is roe, crème fraîche, red onion and dill. Once, we dared to try something completely out of the norm, namely with mushrooms, feta cheese, roasted hazelnuts and pomegranate (get that recipe here). Feel free to try, it turned out so good!

Here are our top five tips for succeeding with your potato latkes and hash browns!

Grate different sizes
Instead of just using one side of the grater, use both. Maybe 3/4 larger side and 1/4 finer side? This way the finely grated will fill in gaps and hold it together more. Try it!

Non-stick pan
We do not use Teflon pans on a daily basis. There are a few exception though: frying potatoes is one of them. Frying raw grated potatoes in a Teflon pan is like putting training wheels on a bike. And frying raw grated potatoes in a cast iron pan is like removing those training wheels.

Waffle iron
Another tip if you don’t have a Teflon pan is to venture over to the waffle iron. In all honesty, it may sound scary but it’s actually easier with a waffle iron than a frying pan!

Don’t be in a hurry + pressing
Maybe making hash browns sounds like a quick thing because it contains so few ingredients, but to make good ones requires its due time in a frying pan. Don’t be in a hurry and try pressing them down every now and then with your spatula.

Newbie? Start by making mini ones
If you want to serve latkes, try frying several small ones at the same time. This way they are much easier to flip! Personally, we love a big huge pan of hash browns but that comes with it’s challenges.

Well, one more thing just before we wrap this up…

Whatever you do, don’t try to serve them for a whole party of people. Latkes are best eaten just off the pan. They should still be perfectly crispy and tender on the inside, not soggy!




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