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Healthy Friday Night Snacks x10

Great guide to healthy snacks for cozy Friday nights. Whether your fam likes to play board games or watch movies, in this list we share our top ten favorites to set out on Friday nights.

It’s easy to think that you want to do something advanced after you’ve clocked out for the week but more often than not it’s quite rewarding to keep things simple on Fridays. In our world, an ultimate Friday night definitely includes snacks and if we can help it we want them to be easy peas.

We know what you’re thinking…is there really a such things as easy homemade snacks?

Edamame beans

So incredibly easy to toss together at home! Fill the freezer with edamame beans and when hungry allow the needed amount soak in boiling water for three minutes. Done! The only thing needed then is a little flake salt sprinkled over or a little soy sauce. Addictive!

Seed crisp bread

Make two large baking sheets (if you really want to keep it easy then look for ready mixed packets for this). Just mix up the seeds and then roll really thin, salt generously and bake. Of course you can serve cheese with it if you want, but it actually works just as well without any sides, or at least we think so.

Kale chips

We never tire of these. You will find our best recipe here. Other things you can make chips from are: banana chips, coconut chips, apple chips and salt & vinegar chips.


Kind of the best thing we know. We always buy large green organic olives, with pits, and serve them with Spanish almonds. yum!

Healthy chocolate bliss balls

Here is our best of the best bliss balls, chocolate balls 2.0. You need to try these too.

Dark Chocolate

Sometimes you do not have the lust or time to bake. That is precisely when you just break out a few squares of dark chocolate, simple as that.

Fruit salad

A more refreshing take on sweets. We always serve ours with nuts and freshly whipped cream. If you don’t eat regular cream, you can make cashew cream or whipped coconut cream. Just toss some of your favorites fruits and berries together and you’re ready to go. Pro tip: a little bit of vanilla in the whipped cream is extra tasty.


Do you happen to have 1 frozen banana, 2 tablespoons cocoa and 1 cup of milk (which ever sort your prefer.)? Congratulations, then you have a chocolate milkshake! Just toss in the blender and mix.


Love all kinds of nuts but right now natural peanuts and Spanish almonds are the favorites.

Veggie sticks with hummus

Forget sour cream – homemade hummus is so much tastier! Here you have three other types of dips that go on repeat here at FP (not just on Fridays).



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