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A Guide To All The Best Sweet Treats For Nutrient Hunters

The subject of sweets could be it’s own book here at Food Pharmacy. Those of you who know us know that we are two former sugar monsters who have more or less kicked that habit to the curb since becoming full-time nutrient hunters. That being said though, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a place for treats in a nutrient hunter’s world. Today we’ll share with you a guide to all of our very favorite nutrient hunter friendly treats that we turn to when a sweet tooth strikes.

Even if our cravings for sweets don’t come as often today as once before, we are still crazy about chocolate and though we aren’t much for pastries or cakes, we think that a classic mudpie is the best thing there is in life, after our children of course!

Here is a list of our favorite recipes for the best sweets here on Food Pharmacy’s!

Top 3 chocolate recipes
Since chocolate happens to be on the top of our list, we have a bit of a hard time choosing. So we’ll offer up four classics – our mudcake, our chocolate balls, our chocolate biscuits and our love bites. And these next to just for good measure: chocolate-dipped popcorn with sea salt and this brownie cake. Guess that was more then three, but we had too!

The best bliss balls
Bliss balls are so easy to succeed with and the possibilities are endless. The chocolate balls we mentioned above are obviously on the list but may we suggest this summery version with strawberries, and these must try apple pie balls . And last but not least, we realize that we are a longs ways away from the holidays but bookmark these gingerbread balls for next season.

Best Friday movie night snacks
Sometimes the cravings aren’t just for sweet but salt too and to that we recommend homemade kale chips and some dark chocolate on the side. But if you are heading to the movie theater then the best take along snack is salted nuts of course!

Favorite baked goods
We are not very fond of pastries, but our marzipan squares from our book The Nutrient Hunter are easily one of our best. And one can not forgot about our Swedish Hoovers, they are simply divine!

Classy cakes
Same thing with cakes as with pastries, no big favorite. We’d choose chocolate over cake every day of the week. But of course we’d never turn down a crepes cake or a cheesecake… which then begs the question – which cheesecake is our favorite? It’s a tie between our blueberry cheesecake with lilac, our frozen cheesecake with mango and passion fruit.

Need a birthday cake?
This sweet potato based cake with cinnamon frosting is a real party pleaser.

Do you know the Muffin Man?
We’ve never met the muffin man but we are willing to bet that our banana muffins are every bit as good as his! P.s. you can also use the batter in a loaf pan and make banana bread.

Most scrumptious pie
It doesn’t get better than our apple pie. A classic with cinnamon, cardamom, honey, vanilla, apples and oats.

Coffee break cake
Our plum cake with almond flour is magical.

Yummiest holiday treats
Our recipe for rocky road

Spooky Halloween snacks
carrot and cucumber ghosts to the children’s annoyance, hehe.

Nice cream
This hazelnut nice cream with banana and cocoa is absolutely incomparably good.

Hot cocoa
Lucky you because here we have written a whole post about hot chocolate.

Milkshakes baby!
Most people love our milkshake that tastes like carrot cake. Otherwise, the classic recipe is 1 frozen banana, 1-2 tablespoons cocoa and 1 cup preferred milk. You can not go wrong with that.

Pannkakor utan mjöl

We are pretty sure we could not survive without crepes. Here is a whole post where all of our best pancake recipes can be found.

Cookie monster
We very rarely bake or eat cookies but perhaps we should start? These nutty cookies are quite popular.

So there you have it, practically an entire library of some of the best sweet treat recipes we’ve created and use on repeat over the years. Pro tip: Always keep key ingredients around at home for your favorite sweet treats to make it easier to go with a nutrient hunter option over junk food for those times when the sweet tooth strikes!



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