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Gut Bacteria And COVID-19 -New Research!

The second we opened our eyes last Saturday, a headline came that made us rub the sleep out of them a little extra fast. Intestinal bacteria can affect the impact COVID-19 symptoms! Being the gut health nerds we are, we couldn’t help but read on.

Researchers in Hong Kong have examined 100 patients who were ill with COVID-19 along side a healthy control group. The discovery was:

  1. That the composition of the gut flora in COVID positive patients was altered – even several weeks after recovery.
  2. That the sicker the COVID patients were, the more altered of a gut flora they had.

Although the study is small, 100 people, this is the first of its kind. Here you can read what Medical News Today writes about intestinal bacteria and COVID-19.

And now that we still have your attention, we want to take the opportunity to re-share this article that was published in December about the connection between serious COVID-19 symptoms and type 2 diabetes.




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