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Current Reads On FP: Ice Cream, Morning Routines And Research On Food

It’s a new year and considering that we spent a little less time at the computer and more time outdoors during the holidays, this week’s sweep will be extra long. This year we have covered things like the latest sugar advice, the importance of morning routines and quite a few recipes, namely, breakfast ice creams, budget soups and healthy pizzas. Here are the top articles of the new year!

New dietary advice on sugar goes against the experts’ own calculations

When the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025 were newly released (which only happens every five years), FP’s guest writer Henrik Ennart discovered that the Council on Added Sugar contradicts the 835-page scientific report submitted in July 2020 by their own expert committee, Dietary guidelines advisory committee. How could that be? Read more here.

How you start your day is how you live your life

Every morning is a new start where you can set the tone for your day, and your days combined are your life. A morning routine does not have to be complicated or very time consuming at all, it is your intention that is most important. Here you will find 15 different tips on morning routines.

Mixed berries, lingonberries or chocolate – which ice cream do you choose?

Breakfast ice cream x 3

If you are a friend of breakfast but think that time is often short in the mornings, we can highly recommend a breakfast ice cream (or rather three) from our latest book The Nutrient Hunter (here). All recipes are intended for two people and in one minute flat you’ll have breakfast ready! You can find the recipes for berry ice cream, lingonberry ice cream and chocolate ice cream here.

The Food Pharmacy Show

And speaking of podcasts, we have managed to release three exciting interviews in our English podcast – Johanna Gillbro, Dr. Miguel Damas and Dr. Rangan Chatterjee.

Camilla Ahlqvist at home in her kitchen in Gothenburg

I Dare You to Release the New Year’s Resolution

FP’s Camilla Ahlqvist has released a new column about how she views New Year’s promises and how we relate to food. Thought-provoking as usual for her. Take a look at the chronicle here.

Kickstart with autoimmune diet – AIP

Do you want to be free from chronic inflammation, asthma, allergies and symptoms of autoimmune diseases? Now, our AIP expert at FP, Cecilia Nilsson, is starting a simple kickstart with easy-to-prepare recipes and daily tips and advice. This kickstart with AIP is perfect for you who are ready to get started with the autoimmune diet. This applies both to you who are completely new to AIP and to you who have tested before but who need a fresh start. Read more here.

Lemon and kale pizza with capers

If you click here, you will come to something very appetizing, the recipe for a fresh pizza made with a cauliflower base, topped with kale, lemon and chili. Plus they give tips on how to make the pizza extra fast for busy nights. 

Omelette pizza with spinach, mushrooms and feta cheese

What omelette pizza? Either you eat omelette, or you eat pizza, right? Not necessarily. This is the world’s best substitute for pizza! After all, it is the filling that gives the flavor, right?

4 Simple and budget friendly soups

Since we are on the other side of Christmas and New Years and the wallet is felling pretty light, we couldn’t think of a better way to get nutritious dinner on the table then the soup recipes. In this post, we have collected the blog’s four most popular budget soups, as well as four tricks that will make the last bucks last all through January.

Got wood?

Dr. Paul Clayton has published a new column on cellulose. Today, people can not assimilate cellulose because we can not digest. Ruminants have the special enzymes that can break down cellulose into simpler sugars and can therefore use cellulose. But now things seem to be happening in this area as well. Read Dr. Clayton’s article here.

Treatments for aging

Many companies and research institutes are now developing treatment methods to limit the body’s aging processes. It’s about getting more healthy years by eating well, fasting sometimes and exercising regularly. When these methods become available, it will affect us on several levels. Read more here.

And that was all from us this week. See you next week!



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