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How Much are You Worth?

How do we know our worth / Internal value? This is difficult! Most people know that we are worthy of a good life, a good partner and a good job, etc. but we may still have a partner who is unable to show love or a job that sucks, etc. To come into contact with your value on a deeper level you need to care enough to create acceptance and gratitude toward yourself!

Imagine that all emotions are energies – these energies do not stay in your body. You will vibrate those inside and radiate them outward. When someone walks past you, say a couple of feet away, the odds are high that this person will feel your energy. He/she/they are probably not aware that it is your energy he/she feels rather do we think all emotions are their own.
Have you ever passed by a very heavy “wounded” drug addict on the street, if so, you have probably felt anxiety. He/she has thus “infected” you with that heavy energy. That is unless your energy has been stronger. Say you had an energy of joy – And the addict gets very happy for no reason. If so you have infected the addict. Often, heavy emotions take over rather than light emotions. Have you ever walked into a meeting where there is fear in the room? Did you then suddenly feel nervous without understanding why? You have simply been infected by someone else’s energy. Or, have you ever walked into a room where two people had been fighting? You probably felt the anger and the defensiveness of the people involved and then felt uncomfortable because the energy was imposed on you.

Understanding this concept can make all the difference. The concept? Emotions are contagious!

This is also where empaths come in. Highly sensitive people / extra sensorists, that is, people who have a superpower to feel other people’s emotions. Very open and intuitive people.

This is a huge superpower, if we understand it and start playing with the power of energies. We can then change an entire meeting. We have seen how a whole world has been collectively infected with fear. Fear is not wrong, it is just one of the ego’s best defenses and we believe that we need fear to survive. If we feel too much fear, we probably unconsciously and consciously create a resistance to this and then anxiety is created as a result of the resistance. We can also lift the energy in a space and add whatever lighter energies we like, such as harmony, joy or love and neutralise the energies around us and then change how other people feel for the better.
Most people do not know how to deal with fear or anxiety and instead attempt to escape those somewhat difficult emotions. The fear we try to escape then settles like a layer of dust in us. We then find it harder and harder to see clearly and, for example, feel gratitude and acceptance. We also forget that we are able to change and adjust these feelings and energies at will. And because we automatically assume that feelings and energies belong to us, we think that we have to suffer through them. The truth is: we can generate any feeling, emotion or energy we want in any given moment.

How cool is that?

Gratitude is an energy that you can create.

Imagination is everything. it is the preview of life’s coming attractions
– Albert Einstein


Close your eyes.

Think of everything you love about nature. Think of all the times nature has been there for you. Think about how important the ocean is for you, the trees, the forest, the beach, the mountains, the snow, your own garden. Flowers, roses, or everything you can eat that comes from the earth. Think of your most wonderful memory you have of nature. The saltwater, the green magic water, the rocks, the jungle. See if you can send immense gratitude to nature. See if you can say – Thank you – I love you, Earth. I love you, Ocean. I love you, Forest. I love you, Mountains, Desert, Snow.
How did it make you feel? Did you feel a response?

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