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Current Reads On FP – Sweet Potato Mash, Microtrauma And The Importance Of Gratitude

Hello Thursday! An extraordinary mashed sweet potato recipe, the importance of gratitude and micro trauma are all on the reading this for this week. Here is a round-up of the week’s most important news!

Sweet potato mousse extraordinaire
We must admit that we wrinkled our noses a little when we read the ingredient list for this recipe the first time. Sweet potato mash? For breakfast? But, thank goodness we gave it a try, because this was a real hit! And – you don’t have to limit it to breakfast! This mash works just as well as a snack or even a dessert? You can find the recipe here.

The importance of gratitude
In the same article as the sweet potato mash, our semi-new guest writer Camilla Ahlqvist wrote about her journey with breast cancer and the importance of gratitude. Among other things, she suggest a simple daily gratitude exercise. You can read more about how to do it here.

Do you have a wound mate?
This week we published a new article by April Wickström, Executive Coach and specialist in Emotional Intelligence, and this time it is about small so-called microtraumas that you experience during life and how they affect your choice of partner and friends. Read more here.

EQ Gym starts up again!
And, since we’re talking about April, we have the great pleasure of telling you that EQ Gym is starting up again. Over the next 6 months, we will be jumping on an intensive training program in emotional intelligence, and if you want to do the same, we think you should read more here. At you can also book meditation classes and individual sessions with several different PTs in emotional intelligence. So exciting!

We wish you a continued pleasant week!



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