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Current Reads On FP – Coffee Milk, Butter Masala And Dementia

Hello there! What kind of milk should we have in our coffee now? A butter masala that creates a dilemma for us. And, is there anything we can do to prevent Alzheimer’s? These are some of the top discussion points on Food Pharmacy this week.

butter masala

New Butter masala on the blog

We love Indian food. In fact, we love it so much that it creates issues in our lives. Every time we are going to cook Indian food, an internal conflict arises. Should we make Palak Paneer or Butter Masala? Today, Butter Masala won. We think this version with white fish is very exciting. A wonderfully delectable and healthy stew. Not a fish fan? You can easily replace it with cheese, like Indian household cheese known as paner.


What should we have in our coffee now?

This is the most common question we have received since we published Ann Fernholm’s open letter to Oatly last week (unfortunately only in Swedish). Whereupon, Ann recommends her own oat drink. This recipe is so simple that you can memorize it. We think it turned out really well. Not super sexy, but perfect in porridge or as a base in your chocolate milkshake. Whether or not it’s perfect for coffee has yet to be determined. Perhaps we were just being fussy but we weren’t completely satisfied with it in our coffee just yet, we plan to try again.

Mind your head

Dr Paul Clayton has published a new article on the blog and this time it’s about dementia and Alzheimer’s. Checking our blood pressure, among other things, can help reduce the risk of developing dementia but what about Alzheimer’s. Read more here.



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