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Current Reads On FP – Breast Cancer Day, New Guest Writer and Pancakes

Hello there nutrient hunters! Here are the week’s top articles on Food Pharmacy.

Today is Breast Cancer Day. And our way of drawing attention to it this year is to tell you that we have a new guest writer, namely Camilla Ahlqvist. Camilla Ahlqvist is a holistic chef and yoga teacher from New York who currently lives in Sweden. When Camilla was 27 years old, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, the same disease that her mother passed away from. Here on FP, Camilla will tell us about her journey and many other interesting things.

4 things I wish I knew when I was ill

8 years ago, our guest writer, the author Helena Önneby, was in the middle of her own health journey. She was very ill at the time and had begun an extensive life adjustment that would eventually lead to a symptom-free and healthy life. Though she didn’t know then what the outcome of her efforts would be… Helena’s latest article is about what she would like to have said to her former 30-year-old self who was struggling with her health, her career and finding herself during the middle of a life crisis? Read the article here.

Our best pancake recipes 

We love pancakes. For breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the garden or the kitchen. As a school snack or on a hike. And depending on what mood we’re in, we fill them with different things – fruits, berries, whipped cream, peanut butter, beans or tomatoes. With this post, we hope there’s a little something for everyone. Here are our 5 best pancake recipes!



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