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Our Top 5 Pancake Recipes

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We love pancakes. For breakfast, lunch and dinner. As school snacks or on a hike in the woods. With homemade jam, lightly whipped cream and peanut butter. With fruit and berries. With savory fillings. With this post, we wanted to provide a little inspo for all types of pancake lovers. Here you have our very best recipes.

Pannkakor utan mjöl

Flourless Pancakes

Classic thin and crispy pancakes are perhaps the tastiest in the world. The only thing you need to remember are 4, 3, 2 and 1. As in: 4 eggs, 3 dl milk, 2 tablespoons fiber husk and 1 pinch of salt. Our (and the kid’s) new favorite recipe that you can find here! Throw in a tablespoon of our new fiber blend Gut Flora Fibers too and you’ll get extra fiber as a bonus (this applies to all recipes in this post – boost the pancakes with extra fiber from our fiber blend or why not mix in some blended spinach or carrots into the batter).

Classic Pancakes

Well, classic might be a twist on words, but we still call them classic because this recipe is the one that most resembles ordinary pancakes. In this recipe, we have replaced the butter with coconut oil, milk with almond or oat milk and wheat flour with buckwheat (sorghum also works well). And it turns out just a yummy! A really old recipe on the blog (published just one month after the blog’s birth – November 2014) which testifies to how good of a recipe it is! Still one of our finest posts ever – gets really nostalgic when we look at the pictures. You can find it here.

Porridge Pancakes

Are you also known to always makes a little too much porridge? Then this recipe is for you. Do not throw the leftover porridge in the trash, save it until the next morning and fry pancakes out of it instead. The only thing you need to add is 1-2 eggs which you whisk into the porridge just before pouring into a warm frying pan. Smart, huh?

Scrambled Pancakes

Right now, scrambled pancakes are what we serve on the weekends in our home. For the simple reason that 1) our kids love pancakes and 2) we do not always have the patience to fry each individual one. So instead, we throw the pancake batter with a dollop of coconut oil in the pan and stir, just like when we making scrambled eggs. Here you will find not just one but two recipe for this wonderful concept.

American Banana Pancakes

By chance, we discovered that our banana waffles work just as well as pancakes. Love this recipe, the kids do too. Very good with chocolate as in the original recipe, but even more often we make them without cocoa. You can find the recipe here.

Elderflower Pancakes With Raspberry Whipped Cream

This fun recipe can be found here.

Other Pancakes Recipes On The Site:

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