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How to meet chaos – When you know you don’t know, then you know

When you know you don’t know, then you know  


OK, just a sec. That headline actually does make sense. Just give us a few paragraphs to explain how. 

By becoming aware of how you act inconsistently – like saying, I’m totally here to help and then being busy whenever someone asks for help – means you’re halfway there. In hooty-tooty terms, you’re on the road to enlightenment. Admitting to others that you act in inconsistent ways makes you humble, vulnerable, and emotionally open. Cool stuff!

Oh yeah, and when you think: “I totally have my shit together”, it’s usually proof that your shit is not together at all. Letting go of the need to be sorted, fixed, and perfect as a human being is the first step to being a real person. Accepting all you don’t know is a great way to start learning.

Think about everything you do know: what you identify with, the places and people you know, the history of the world, the way a tomato looks growing on a vine. Everything you can remember. The taste of chocolate ice cream, the sound of an ambulance. All your experiences. Your first kiss, and last break-up. An enormous amount of information. But get this. All that accounts for only 5% of your mind. The other 95%? That’s all the stuff you’re not aware of. Those locked-away memories. The feelings you’ve repressed or ignored. The good, the bad, and beautiful.

When you begin understanding more and more of just what makes up that other 95%, that’s when you really start to change – for the better. You become aware of yourself in a whole new way. You start working with yourself, and inconsistent behavior becomes a thing of the past. In our terms, you increase your EQ – your Emotional Intelligence. 

So how do you begin dipping into that untouched 95%?

Step 1. Listen to your thoughts. Observe them. Try not to react to them. Just separate them, one from the next. Hear what they’re saying. What’s all the fuss about? What are they so anxious to tell you? Listen to your thoughts like you listen to the radio. You’re not the DJ – let the DJ decide.

If you aren’t all that used to sitting quietly, without any distractions (Netflix series, Instagram post, a jog, a gin and tonic), the first few times can be real shockers. Thoughts arrive like tsunamis. Waves of obligation, to-do lists, crap I totally forgot to pick up my dry cleaning, this is such a waste of time. So many thoughts all at once. Don’t worry. It’s normal. Really normal. Just sit there. Avoid the temptation to judge the thoughts. Any of them. Just let them be thoughts, separate from you. You don’t care if the guy in front of you at the grocery store buys a 2-liter bottle of Dr. Pepper and a triple pack of Oreos for his dinner. Your thoughts are as much you as that dude is. For real.

Separating yourself from your thoughts and emotions could require some exercise! To transcendence, to go beyond your mind, to find your inner great place, is magical! And the best part; You can do it during any worldly condition and chaos. You are welcome to try out a transcendental active mediation for free, book it and read more about it here.

This is a guest post. Any opinions expressed are the writer’s own.



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