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Flourless Pancakes

Today we will teach you magic! This recipe will amaze and delight your family and friends. Can you really make pancakes without flour? You can!

Feel free to start by asking the audience what ingredients they think you need in pancakes. Now someone will surely shout “flour!”. Someone else “milk!”. And the third “egg!”.

The only thing you need to remember now are 4, 3, 2 and 1 – 4 eggs, 3 dl optional milk, 2 tablespoons fiber husk and 1 pinch of salt. Start by cracking the eggs in a bowl. Continue to add 3 dl of any milk. Now hold up a package with fiber husk for the audience and feel free to inform them that it is ground psyllium husk. Measure out two meager tablespoons of the fiber husk and place in the bowl. Finish with a pinch of salt. Quickly whisk together the batter and melt a dollop of coconut oil in a pan.

Pannkakor utan mjöl

Turn to the audience again – eye contact is important – and ask them if they think you can really make pancakes without flour (do not be surprised if you are met by only skeptical glances). Now place a click of batter in the pan and “smear it out” to any size. Fry the pancake on both sides and place it on a plate. Continue like this until you have fried all of the batter.

Serve the pancakes with various toppings. And do not be surprised if the audience finds that they are the tastiest pancakes they have ever tasted.


Flourless Pancakes

  • By : Food Pharmacy
  • Servings : 10 1x


4 eggs
3 dl (1 1/4 cup) preferred milk
2 Tablespoons psyllium husk
1 pinch of salt


Combine everything in a bowl and whisk. Melt a dollop of coconut oil in a pan and fry like regular pancakes. Serve with toppings.



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