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Grilled Bok Choy With Summer Marinade

Those of you who follow our kitchen garden on instagram (check it out here) know that our kitchen garden is growing like crazy. Every morning when we go barefoot in the garden, while the grass is still wet with dew, we round the house and take a look at how everything is going, and each time we find new things. A new tomato. Two bright yellow zucchini flowers. And now, as late as this morning, a bok choy- so large that it had to be harvested immediately. Thus, the idea was born to grill bok choy with a summer marinade.

Another thing we find in our kitchen garden is tranquility. Fresh Air. A new kind of presence. No matter what the weather it is, we can feel how we relax in the second we step over the threshold. A fantastic feeling that we have not really experienced before!

As far as the grilling goes, we’re not exactly pros. We know how to light it but not much more than that. The perfect glow always appears in the second we have finished grilling and we pretty much always burn something.

But what we are good at is making a mean marinade.

This one is made with just a few ingredients that most of us have in the fridge and pantry. Brush it over your veggies and serve what is left in a small bowl on the side.

Well, maybe we should mention a few words about what we eat this with. Grilled bok choy is perhaps the ultimate compliment to everything – whether that be meat, fish or vegetarian, so this side is flexible and can be grilled all summer long.


Grilled Bok Choy With Summer Marinade

  • By : Food Pharmacy


2 bok choy

½ cup olive oil

1 garlic clove, chopped

½  tsp chili flakes

½  lemon, zested




Divide bok choy into 2 parts. Stir together the oil, chili, garlic and lemon zest. Brush the bok choy with the olive oil and sprinkle with paprika (optional) and salt.

Grill on medium heat. Perhaps you are better at regulating the heat than we are. Otherwise, you can do as we do – close your eyes and take chances.



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