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From Hollywood, by Food Pharmacy to your living room!

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What do Food Pharmacy, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga have in common?

The Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper, said in a New York Times interview that he used his subconscious and inner intelligence, to understand and embody his character in “A Star is Born”. Cooper and Lady Gaga worked with acting coach Elizabeth Kemp, Cooper’s mentor, who taught him the technique and to whom the film is dedicated, before her death last year.

I came in contact with Elizabeth Kemp and her methods, when I attended her training retreat in Italy 6 years ago. I found her artistic techniques – inspired by the Psychologist Carl Jung – very interesting as a self-development tool. I started to implement these techniques in my coaching sessions to address unresolved trauma issues and self-inhibiting behavioral patterns.

In psychology it is known that the psyche cannot tell the difference between an affirmation / a made up act / an image / a story or a real act. I use this fact and element to create a guided hypnotic meditation that allows us to go back in time to explore the past and visit parts of us that are wounded and from thereon try to change the damaged narrative. This is followed by a form of breath-work technique to release the suppressed emotion around the wound.

Van Gogh once revealed, “I dream my paintings, then I paint my dreams.” 

This guided self-work is scary to many but through my many years as a coach and a spiritual leader, I have found that connecting and re-writing destructive narratives that are held by our subconscious, is a powerful path towards self-healing and true connection. 

The technique I have created is a mix between hypnosis, meditation and breath-work. The practice is known for intuitively locating specific shadow aspects that are paralyzing us, and bringing them to light. By doing so, we can cultivate unique and authentic creativity, acceptance, permission and presence within ourselves.

This model can be used for artists preparing for work, for spiritual practices, for pure manifestation purposes as well as deep self-development work. The guided meditation exercise allows us to use our imagination to go into a role or a persona we want to play or wish to be. And when we train the psyche to believe it to be true our subconscious gets familiar and safe with the role and the new person creates itself unconsciously. It also applies to the laws of attraction for those who are familiar with that.

I am very grateful that thanks to Food Pharmacy, Swedish artists, entrepreneurs, managers and producers around the world have found this meditation and practice it through Zoom on a weekly basic with me in Los Angeles. 

If you feel drawn to try this out, I would love to welcome you to the EQ GYM weekly group sessions. Do you prefer privacy, and want to start practice this kind of work in a private setting, I have a 6-month program coming up in August. See the program lineup here

If you want to try it out for free, check it out here and please bring water, tissues, an eye mask, blanket and headphones. Make sure you have a good Wifi connection and that you won’t be disturbed during the session. You can stay anonymous without your camera or microphone turned on. 

I hope to see you in this healing, creative and compassionate room together with me and other like minded souls.

This is a guest post. Any opinions expressed are the writer’s own.



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