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Current Reads On FP – Lactic Acid Bacteria, Bok Choy And Aging

What a week! Sunshine, pouring rain and wind. Sorry to talk about the weather, but the Swedish summer weather is all over the place. Fortunately, the blog seems to be completely unaffected. And this week it’s been all about bok choy, lactic acid bacteria and aging. Plus a dash of mental health and fiber.

Welcome to the world! Nutrient Hunter from Food Pharmacy

Surely the most exciting thing that happened this week is that we finally released the news about our new products? After the summer, we will release lactic acid bacterias (probiotics) and a fiber blend for gut health under our new brand Nutrient Hunter by Food Pharmacy. It’s so insanely fun that all blood, sweat and tears have finally become reality! And if you click here you can already register your interest in our lactic acid bacteria and fiber blend, and also secure a 10% discount. It is worth mentioning that the stock is not huge so do it now before it runs out.

Baked salmon with bok choy and soybeans

Of course we need to talk about food too! We published a recipe on the blog with bite sized sesame salmon. This is a great recipe that the whole family likes and it’s easy! Of course you can replace the salmon with another fish or tofu if you wish. Find the recipe here.

The Botanical Guppy

The reason we made the salmon recipe, by the way, is that our kitchen garden which we are so proud of, is completely overflowing with bok choy. And the reason it overflows with pak choi is that we planted too much. Follow the progress of the kitchen garden (and our bizarre amounts of Chinese cabbage) here.

The Nine Cellular Hallmarks of Aging

Must Read! Our BFF Graeme Jones has started a new brilliant article series here at Food Pharmacy. And first out in the line is this article.

Meditation with April Wickström

On Sunday evening we offered up to 90 minutes of free meditation online with April Wickström. How did it go? It was a total success! Thanks to all of you who participated – what an experience. April holds meditations online several days a week, so keep an eye on our insta to learn when, or even easier – go straight to the EQ Gym and book here.

That was all for this week. Check out and secure the discount for our probiotics and fiber blend now right here!



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