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Char With Leeks And Grated Horseradish

We love grilled food but not as much to actually grill. We aren’t that good at it. So once we got the hang of fish packets a few years ago, a whole new world opened up. Fish packets are almost impossible to fail with. You fill them with all the vegetables you like, add fish and finish with your preferred seasonings. Today we made grilled char with leeks and grated horseradish – can’t get more summery than that!

Our favorite side that we almost always return to are potatoes, leeks and carrot sticks. We usually pre-cook the potatoes before cutting them up and adding to the packet (remember to add some oil or they will stick to the foil). We slice the leek and cut the carrot into matchsticks before tossing it with the potatoes.

Char is one of our favorite fish to use in these fish packets. But since it is a little smaller than some other fish, we usually try to squeeze two fillets into one packet. Then we top with lemon, salt, pepper, olive oil and lots of finely grated horseradish and fresh chopped chives. Close up the packets and put them on the grill. Wait… check… wait a little longer…check… wait just a minute more and you suddenly have a grilled char with leeks and grated horseradish in front of you and you realize that right now is exactly where you should be.


Char With Leeks And Grated Horseradish

  • By : Food Pharmacy
  • Servings : 4 1x


48 char fillets
12 new potatoes
1 large leek
2 carrots
1 large piece of fresh horseradish
olive oil
1/3 cup chopped chives
1 lemon, juiced
salt & freshly ground black pepper


Start by pre-boiling the potatoes until half cooked.  Take out four reasonably sized sheets foil and grease them with a little olive oil. Cut the potatoes into slices and place three potatoes in each package. Slice the leeks and cut the carrot sticks and spread them evenly over the potatoes. Lay 1-2 char fillets in each packet.  Season with lemon, olive oil, salt, pepper and grated horseradish. Finish by sprinkling over chopped chives. Carefully seal the package and place it on the grill. Check periodically and remove the packages when you think the fish is cooked to your liking.




If you, like us, are also crazy about horseradish, you can mix any yoghurt with grated horseradish that is left over and dollop it over the fish just before serving.



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