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Brainfog anyone?

Do you remember that I mentioned the word PERIMENOBRAIN in my last few posts? That the brain is more involved in perimenopause than we can imagine? Time to take this a little further.

One of the symtoms during perimenopause is brain fog. Suddenly you forget what you wanted to say or the code to your credit card. You might feel totally confused and have problems at work. It feels like your brain doesn´t work. This happens to a lot of women and is normal. But for some of us this could be a sign of Alzheimers. I don´t want to scare you, as it seldom happens, but I hope you want to hear more about it.

I want to tell you about Dr Lisa Mosconi. She recently released the book the XX-brain that has been published around the world. Her grandmother had two sisters and one brother. The grandmother got Alzheimers. So did her sisters. But not her brother. Was this just a coincidence? Dr Mosconi couldn´t let this go and when she realised that 2/3 of all Alzheimers cases were women she decided to start her research and started the Womens Brain Initative .The reason is still a mystery. One explanation earlier is that women live longer than men. But is it that simple?

Dr Mosconi and her team have done some really interesting studies by using MRT and PET-scan on perimenopausal female brains.  They show that some women have changes in the brain in the perimenopause that could result in an Alzheimer diagnosis later on in life.  

Why is that?

Not that surprising (but still controversial) but Dr Mosconi is sure that oestrogen has something to do with it. When it decreases the brain is vulnerable. And if a women in any way has a predisposition for Alzheimers you can see that the changes already occur in perimenopause.

Dr Mosconi says in several interviews that the decreasing oestrogen may be the trigger. And one of the best ways to prevent this might be with the right diet. So again – it is important to see that your body gets the right PERIMENOFOOD!

This is a guest post. Any opinions expressed are the writer’s own.



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