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Instead of becoming delete coming and just BE


I’m having a problem with how I feel. I want to feel peace. But what I feel is depression, apathy, frustration and pain.


Pain is the great motivator in our lives. That does not mean that one should go looking for stress, and pain. Not to worry, life will provide that kind of motivation all by itself. The question is who, or what feels that pain. When we talk about the spiritual realm the why doesn’t really matter, it’s the who, or the what. Focus on this and one is well on the way to an answer.


I cannot just “let go” of stress. And if I try and fail, then there is the stress of failure, and that adds on even more stress. 


There is great peace in being okay with not being okay.


For the longest time, like a half a lifetime lol, I had no idea what peace even was, I had been so addicted to action.


It’s really paradoxical. And maybe that’s also why it’s so hard to grasp peace in the midst of non-peace. 


Doesn’t our mind crave to be in that peaceful blissful state, especially when its experiencing something unpleasant?


If you go outside not dressed properly on a cold night, your body will probably start shaking without you thinking about it. That’s perfectly fine and normal. If you notice it and start to relax your body, you will still be cold, but you will realize that you can be cold and relaxed. This is a way to be more at peace with the unpleasant.

‘What we resist, persists, so embrace it & will dissolve” Long ago, the psychologist Carl Jung contended that “what you resist not only persists, but will grow in size.

Spirituality is not about being at peace, it’s about letting go of being something you are not and to let yourself be what you are. 

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Hope to see you in my class. 

This is a guest post. Any opinions expressed are the writer’s own.



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