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Current Reads On FP – Happiness, Cookies And Estrogen Swings

It has been yet another week and in Stockholm the weather has gone into summer mode. As we write this intro it is seven o’clock in the morning and we are sitting in shorts on the terrace with our morning coffee within arm’s length. Summer! We’ve had lots of good mood vibes around FP! See below for this week’s harvest of recipes and interesting articles on happiness, cookies and estrogen swings.

Our Functional Medicine Doctor, Graeme Jones, has published the final section of the seven-article series on the immune system. This week is about happiness and how humor, friendship and hobbies can strengthen your immune system read here. And if you want to read all the articles, we suggest you click here.

Last week we published a wonderful recipe for mini princess cake cookies. We used the bottom from our chocolate cookies, made a filling of soft vanilla cream and mashed raspberries, and covered everything with the marzipan from our hoover treats. You can find the recipe here.

And here you will find the recipe for our coconut tofu sticks, a kids favorite. We serve mash for the kids and salad for the adults. We made our favorite salad with grapefruit, avocado, green onions, and fennel, as well as a dressing with chopped mint, pressed lime, olive oil, salt and pepper… Click here to find all the instructions you need.

Oh Yes, and we also have this week’s recipe for homemade almond feta. Perfect to sprinkle over a salad, lasagna or to have on a sandwich. The recipe comes from our FP chef Therese Elgquist and you can find it here.

Our FP coach April Wickström has published a new article. It is about split personalities and walking alongside one’s subconscious. Exciting reading here.

Curious about menopause? Then you should read Katarina Wilk’s latest chronicle. It is about being affected by insomnia, moodiness, etc. during perimenopause. It feels like the whole body is under attack. But did you know that everything seems to originate in the brain? Estrogen fluctuations and estrogen deficiency affect the brain more than we think. Read more here.



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