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Current Reads On FP: Anti-aging, Nuts and Fasting

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Graduation Week. And even though there weren’t many traditional school-is-out festivities, we managed to celebrate in other ways. Just like we plan to do with midsummer too. Perhaps there won’t be as much dancing around the midsummer pole with friends this year but we have already started sneakily posting midsummer buffet recipes on the blog this week. We’ve also been chatting about aging, fasting and the art of creating new habits.

We’ll start with fasting. On Monday, science journalist Dag Kättström published a new article on fasting. He writes that fasting can not solve everything, but that from time to time, exposing yourself to a lack of food for a limited amount of time can help those who seek to keep their immune system healthy. Read more about this and the different fasting methods here.

In this week’s Swedish podcast we talk about anti-aging (FYI our English podcast, The Food Pharmacy Show, will be releasing later this summer!). Slowing down aging is no longer science fiction, but can we reverse aging and rejuvenate ourselves? Read Graeme Jones’ latest article here.

Helena Önneby has written a new article about something that many of us may find very difficult and challenging – creating new healthy habits. Often it’s about the little things we do, not the big things that happen every now and then. It’s always better to get daily exercise than a 2-hour session once a week. Aim to eat something green every day instead of a huge salad once a week. A regular sleep schedule vs  “sleeping in” on Sunday morning to compensate for a few hours lost earlier in the week is better in the long run too. But how do we do this? Read here and reflect – perhaps you will be inspired to try and believe that you can?

And just as we wrote in the introduction, we have put together some midsummer recipes for the week – a super-fresh pistachio and melon salad that you can find here and pairs well with grilled vegetables, tofu and fish. Alongside this salad on our midsummer table will be the company of our skagen, potato salad and mustard herring!

Curious about how it’s going with Food Pharmacy’s kitchen garden? Thanks for asking, pretty good in fact. We have painted the pallets and this week the soil came so now the plants have moved outside!



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