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Apple “Tuna” Salad (without the tuna)

We love tuna. Always have, always will. So when we ran into this variation a few years ago with sunflower kernels instead of tuna, we assumed the only natural thing for us tuna lovers to think, blah.

But man is born curious. And hungry. Like two young children exploring the world by exploring everything they come across, we found ourselves one day curious about trying the sunflower “tuna” salad and decided to give it a go.


Can sunflower seeds, tamari sauce and dill really taste like tuna?


Yes. It can.


Kind of weird actually the more we think about it. But perhaps it’s due to something Lina always brings up when we give talks, namely that if you just keep the same spices and seasoning in your dishes you can replace some of the main ingredients without any really noticing a big difference. Like, for example, sunflower seeds for tuna apparently?

We have blogged about the phenomenon earlier here but this time we added apple, tabasco, sun-dried tomatoes and a little oat. We can Imagine that the oat sour cream could be a nice swap for our vegan mayonnaise too. Or 50/50? Either way it was good, both on a salad and on a seed crisp.

Time to jump to the recipe, don’t you think?


Apple “Tuna” Salad (without the tuna)

  • By : Food Pharmacy


3 dl soaked sunflower seeds

2 Tbsp water

1 chopped carrot

1 minced onion

1/2 package of chopped dill

1 Tbsp tamari

1 garlic clove

Dash of tabasco

1 diced apple (such as granny smith)

2 chopped sun-dried tomatoes

a splash of lemon juice

salt & freshly ground black pepper


Run all the ingredients in a food processor until combined but not smooth. Serve the salad on top of greens or a seed crisp.




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