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A Mediterranean Summer Bowl

This is our simplest (and tastiest) salad recipe ever – a summer bowl that whisks you away to the Mediterranean. But first, let’s just talk about how this recipe came about.

A few weeks ago we did a small low-key shout out on our insta where we wondered what kind of recipes you wanted to see from our kitchen garden this summer. So many of you replied and we got tons and tons of requests!

Your answers were so creative and so varying that we could really find a red thread so actually started an excel sheet to keep track of some of the ideas we thought we would give a go. One thing we did notice a lot of you asking for were quick salads. The kind of salads that you can put together in five minutes when you come home hungry from the beach with sand between your toes and you’re maybe even a bit hangry? So, voilà!


The recipe below is among the simplest and tastiest ways to quickly assemble a salad (there is one more, but we’ll get back to that later). The idea here is that you take everything you think is good and place it in piles in a deep bowl. Top with a good dressing. Eat.

But how did we do the hummus?

You who regularly listen to the Food Pharmacy pod know that we always have garlic hummus in the fridge. But if you are not as crazy about chickpeas and garlic as we are, then you can find a good recipe here. And no, we don’t stand and make our homemade almond feta on the days when time is short.We go to the store and buy ready. And half of the time we just use ordinary feta cheese.


A Mediterranean Summer Bowl

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Cooked quinoa

Diced cucumber

Almond feta (or plain feta cheese)

Kalamata olives

Finely chopped red onion

Lacto-fermented vegetables


Leafy greens


Fresh basil or parsley

Cold pressed olive oil

A few drops of lemon juice

Salt & freshly ground black pepper

Roasted pepper dip

1 jar of roasted peppers (480 g)

2 garlic cloves

1 lemon (juiced)

1/2 cup cold pressed olive oil

1 /2 cup natural almonds



Cook the quinoa according to the instructions on the package. When the quinoa is done and has cooled down – start building your bowl. Put everything in small neat piles in your deep bowl. You decide.

Roasted Pepper Dip

Put everything in your blender (or use an immersion blender) and pulse until you have a dip (we prefer ours a bit chunky). Check the picture above if you are unsure! Place at the top of the salad and store what is left in the fridge.



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