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Take Control of Your Health Using Personalised Medicine

Nordic Clinic
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Do you have a condition or symptom that your doctor hasn’t been able to treat? Maybe you suffer from stress, sleep disorders, PMS, IBS, autoimmune disease or frequent infections. Or perhaps you just want to take your mental or physical performance to the next level. At Nordic Clinic we help people with chronic conditions as well as those eager to prevent disease and optimise their health and performance. We don’t treat symptoms ‒ we find their cause and tailor treatment for lasting results. That is the core of functional medicine.

Nordic Clinic – We have ambitions to Improve Health Across Society

Nordic Clinic leads the way in functional medicine in Europe, with established clinics in five European cities. Our goal is ambitious – we work to improve health across the population by helping our patients regain health and optimise their wellbeing. We also aim to change the concept of healthcare. Our belief is that prevention should be at the heart of medicine, rather than just treating symptoms.

Together with our affiliate Nordic Laboratories, we want to share our knowledge andexpertise to support others with the same ambition. We do this by training and educating other practitioners in functional medicine and testing. Nordic Laboratories is Scandinavia’s largest provider of functional medicine tests, and also distributes tests globally. They offer a wide range of tests from reputed laboratories from all over the world. Being an independent distributor, they continuously evaluate and assess independent laboratories for quality and reliability.

What Is Functional Medicine?

To us, functional medicine is individualised medicine. Investigations, testing and intervention strategies are always tailored to each patient. We view the body as a whole, rather than looking at each symptom in isolation. We also place importance on patients taking responsibility, and we provide them with the coaching and support they need along the way. Knowledge empowers our patients to take control of their health. 

We believe that finding and correcting underlying causes of symptoms is the most efficient way to beat chronic disease, rather than just reducing the symptoms with medication. To reach lasting results, our patients often have to embrace lifestyle changes. Our practitioners will always thoroughly examine each patient’s medical and personal history for clues that will help them understand how lifestyle, genetics and environment interact in each case. 

Are you curious about how we work? Listen to episode #134 of the Food Pharmacy podcast, where members of our clinical team share how we support Mia and Lina in their quest to optimise their health. 

Functional medicine isn’t the opposite of standard medicine. Rather, the two complement each other. Both emphasise the importance of science and research. However, the concept of functional medicine excels when working with chronic disease, while standard medicine performs at its best in acute medical situations. The image below presents a comparison of the two approaches.

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Research Projects in Collaboration With Swedish Universities

Functional medicine is entirely research-based. All aspects of the way we approach health and chronic disease, have scientific support. But studies looking at the functional medicine philosophy, strategy and methodology in its entirety are scarce. One reason is that functional medicine interventions can’t be standardised, since they’re entirely tailored to the individual. What we can do is evaluate our approach by following our patients and their symptoms over time. In collaboration with Stockholm University, Nordic Clinic is conducting an ongoing research study where we evaluate the health and quality of life of our patients before, during and after implementing personalised action plans.

In addition, our clinic leads a study on irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in collaboration with Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm University and the Nordic Network for Personalised Lifestyle Medicine. The aim is to evaluate how successful our functional medicine approach is for patients suffering from chronic IBS and impaired quality of life, who experienced no improvement from traditional gastroenterological investigations and treatments.

We’re proud that, by engaging in these studies, we can contribute to better understanding of how lifestyle and environmental factors affect our health, and how functional medicine can improve chronic symptoms. Read about our research here.

Take Control of Your Health Now and Claim a 30% Discount off a Consultation

Nordic Clinic is proud of our ongoing collaboration with Food Pharmacy, who, just like us, are passionate about battling the global epidemic of chronic disease currently spreading worldwide. Are you, or someone you know, suffering from chronic symptoms, or seeking to prevent illness and optimise health and performance? We’re now happy to offer a 30% discount for your first consultation with one of our functional medicine practitioners at the clinic. A booking request can easily be made through our website www.nordicclinic.se/en. There, you can also read about the range of health conditions we work with. 

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