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Current Reads On FP – Oat Cookies, Stress And Breakfast Cereal

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We find ourselves sitting on the terrace and looking at the yard that needs weeds pulled and the grass cut. Will we do it today? Probably not…

Because after reading Maria Berglund Rantén’s latest chronicle on autoimmune diseases and stress, we have once again been reminded of how important recovery is. In today’s article we learned a new term: rest & digest. You can find the article here. And here you have the first part on sleep and circadian rhythm and here you can read part two about exercise and recovery.


Last Tuesday we posted a recipe for hummus with roasted carrots, tahini and turmeric. A super delicious nutrient hunter recipe! You can find the recipe here.

And while we are talking about food, we can already tell about tomorrow’s recipe on the blog – our vegan asparagus quiche. We’ve looked for a long time for a vegan alternative for eggs so this was something of a victory when the pie came out firm and juicy. Found the recipe in our FP chef Therese Elgquist’s latest book and talking about Therese, then we must take this opportunity to tip about her absolutely delicious sweet oat cookies that she posted last Friday. You can find the recipe here.



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