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Current Reads On FP – Nettles, Tacos And An Ice Cold Dip

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It has come to our attention that it is already mid-May. Which is a bit shocking since May is one of our favorite months. This week we took a chilly dip, sipped on some spring stinging nettles and devoured some tacos. We’ve also been asking ourselves why we don’t do things we know are good for us?

Helena Önneby has actually written a new article all about that very question. So if you, like us, have ever asked yourself that question then her article is a good read. The time we are all going through right now is a good time to take good care of ourselves, support our immune system and put some extra energy into taking care of our physical, mental and emotional health. Many of us know what we need to do, we know what we are doing well, what changes are needed for our well-being, yet we don’t do them. Why is that though? Helena discusses that here.

Proof, that we actually did it

This weekend we let go of everything called work and responsibility and bathed in peace and quiet. In addition to taking the time to read books and cook tons of good food, we treated ourselves to a cold dip. We have done this many times throughout the winter but we have never done it with such focus as we did this weekend. Instead of screaming and moaning and splashing, we lowered ourselves with all the calm we could, and then we breathed calmly for 45 seconds before allowing ourselves to go up again. How did it feel? Absolutely magical and actually not as cold as when you are tense. Will definitely do it again soon.

Our FP expert in functional medicine, Graeme Jones, has released a new article again too! This week it is about the Western diet and how processed foods failed to back up and strengthen our immune system. Read more here.

There’s also two new writers on FP! Caroline and Johanna and together they write under the name Dietician’s Choice. They are dieticians, hence the name, and from now on they will regularly provide us with both recipes and knowledge, which we are so very much looking forward to. First off in the line of recipes is this crazy good recipe for tacos with fried tofu and sauerkraut. Our spontaneous reaction to these tacos is: come to mama. If you feel the same way then get the recipe here.

Can you eat raw nettles? Actually, yes! Don’t they sting then? Nope, not if you put them in a smoothie. On our new insta account, the_botanicalgypsy, we posted a cute video where we made said nettle smoothie. Super tasty in combo with soaked apricots and fresh ginger. Find the recipe here.

Ending the week’s sweep with this picture of a magically delightful sunset which we were fortunate enough to experience on Friday night. So beautiful that no words can do it justice.



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