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Current Reads – Fish sticks, Chew Your Smoothie And Plant Rescue

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Believe it or not but it has gone a whole nother week. What’s been happening around FP lately? We’ve been hanging out with friends. We have started eating broccoli sprouts to balance estrogen dominance. We have taken strolls in the parks – and in a t-shirt none-the-less since it’s finally warm here. And after many contemplations we finally got a robotic lawnmower and named it Bosse.

Sorry… perhaps you were wondering what’s happened on the blog?

In that case we can say, a lot has happened.

And our dietician duo, Caroline and Johanna, have shared a new recipe for lemon baked cod with feta, tomato and basil oil. Haven’t had time to try it yet but we plan to on Saturday! You can find the recipe here.

Coconut tofu sticks….yummie!

While we are already talking about food and sharing recipes then we must tell you about our latest recipe for fish-less fish sticks a.k.a coconut breaded tofu sticks! If your kids love fish sticks and you have been looking for a good alternative then this recipe is a must try! Coconut tofu sticks here.

Whether it be lemon baked cod, tofu sticks or something else for dinner, we want to take this opportunity to remind you to chew your food well. Here we write about how chewing helps good bacteria and enzymes from your mouth migrate down to your stomach when you eat and we also give you some great tips for smoothie bowls with toppings.

FP expert in Functional Medicine, Graeme Jones, has written a new article and this time it is about stress and how it makes us more susceptible to infection. Read it for yourself here.

Our FP coach Helena Önneby has written a new article about daring to feel emotions. About how we get stuck in thinking about the past and worries about the future and THINKING our feelings, instead of FEELING them. As usual from Helena, it’s an incredible read! Embark on your feelings here.

And with that, we wish you a pleasant next week!



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