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Chew Chew And Chew Some More

Today, we thought we would devote a few lines to the importance of chewing your food. A few days ago we received an email from a reader who told us that she loves our podcast. Thanks, we’re so glad you listen! She specifically mentioned listening to professor and dentist Björn Klinga on oral health and another episode where we talk with our FP expert in Functional Medicine, Graeme Jones, about optimal health.

Both episodes mention the importance of chewing our food and allowing good bacteria and enzymes from the mouth to migrate down into the stomach while eating. This information got her thinking and she asked us what we thought about smoothies in which there is no chewing?

She also wrote that since listening to the interview with Björn Klinge she has had less liquid in her smoothie. Instead, she has started to make more of a yogurt/porridge. In addition, she adds some nuts, seeds and berries to create some texture and thus a need to chew.

We thought this was so smart it was worth sharing with all of you – making smoothie bowls with toppings is a great way to turn your smoothies into a chewable snack or meal! If you want to give it a try we can recommend this green smoothie bowl or this one with carrot and buckthorn.

And as for the times when you really just want a velvety smooth smoothie? Well, then you can always just sprinkle a few toppings on top.



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