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Help us reverse type 2 diabetes

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Almost six years ago, we funded the Dietary Science Foundation, a non-profit organization that collects money for high-quality research. Now one of our dreams has come true: we will help launch Europe’s largest study ever of how the diet affects type 2 diabetes. We will invest €400,000 in the study – and we need your help!

If you follow the dietary debate in newspapers, TV and blogs you’ll hear many stories about how people have regained their health after changing their diet. People with type 2 diabetes can throw away their blood sugar medications, digestive systems calm down and stop causing pain, migraines or bodily aches disappear and asthma may vanish. Women with polycystic ovary syndrome suddenly become pregnant after years of trying, or their acne goes away.

From a biochemical perspective, there is reason to believe that a change of diet can bring about these health improvements. Not for everyone, but for many people. The reason is that diet affects intestinal flora, blood sugar, insulin levels, growth factors and even various signal substances released in the brain.

Solid science is necessary for effective dietary advice

Healthcare treatments can however not be based on anecdotes or biochemical hypotheses. For doctors to recommend a particular diet we need well-designed scientific studies proving efficacy while evaluating possible side effects.

This is where the Dietary Science Foundation enters the picture. We started this non-profit foundation almost six years ago because we wanted to make these kinds of high-quality studies happen.

Thanks to all our fantastic monthly donors, corporate partners and other supporters, we have so far been able to contribute to the world’s biggest study of dietary influence on IBS and type 1 diabetes. We have also supported excellent research on obesity and fatty liver.

All these studies are happening now. While we await their conclusions, we are aiming even higher: contributing to Europe’s largest-ever study of diet and type 2 diabetes.

Help us support a real game changer

The Dietary Science Foundation has previously given researchers from five European countries the resources to design a study together. They have decided to aim high: they want to reverse type 2 diabetes. The participants should normalize their blood sugar levels, without the use of medication!

This is the kind of the research that the world needs more off (you can read more about the study design through  this link). And recently we got terrific news: The Swedish insurance company Skandia has decided to support the project with a total of EUR 450,000.

At the same time our scientific advisory board has decided to invest EUR 400,000 in the study. And this is where we need you, because two-thirds of this amount is still needed. Previously, most of the money we have collected has come from our Swedish supporters. But this study will become a global game changer, so we hope that food nerds from all over the world will want to contribute. Here’s how you can help:

Supporting this study can help improve the quality of care for people with type 2 diabetes all over the world. If this disease can be reversed, it will prevent things like cardiovascular disease, cancer, dementia, mental illness and fertility problems. There is so much to gain. Thank you!

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